Phoenix Training

Functional Fitness for every day life

Open enrollment for all training. Call or email for times and availability. 

Phoenix Cancer Survivors sessions will be one hour in length meeting twice weekly for 12 weeks.

Cost is $7 per person per class or $168 for all 12 weeks.

Classes are sold in 12 week sets. You can break the payments into three equal payments: a down payment due before the sessions start, a payment halfway through the session and a final payment before sessions end.

ACT 2 classes cost and pricing  are handled through Spokane Community College 

Personal Training sessions meet as often as you need and want.

Cost $35 for each half hour $40 for forty five min or $50 for each hour session. These are for privet studio times. 

IN home training cost less then above in most cases depending on location.

Joint training also available, 2 people for one hour $60 in privet studio.

Personal training clients will be charged for the agreed upon sessions.

Pricing adjustments may be made on a case by case basis depending on the number and type of training sessions requested.


Small group classes 

Cost $7 each class per person, would need 4 people to have a class.

Call for times 



Phoenix Training of Spokane or 208-659-1990